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Mentor and Advisor


The Cool Bean Company

Sarah & Isolde founded The Cool Bean Company out of a desire to bring healthy convenient food to the market. Their aim was to create an accessible product for people that was also really healthy and tasty, and so came the idea for a "fancy baked bean" product called Cool Beans. Without any experience in food, Sarah & Isolde brought Sophie on board to help develop the product, brand and grow sales. Within just a few years Cool Beans was available nationwide in Ireland and was exporting to the UK.


Boutique Bake

Boutique Bake was founded by Catherine in 2013 when she started making top quality baking mixes in her kitchen and selling in Farmer's markets. By 2015 Boutique Bake was available nationwide in Ireland and Catherine brought Sophie on board to accelerate the development of the business. Sophie helped open up a whole new market for the business through the development of a healthy range of baking mixes and Boutique Bake is now available in Ireland, the UK, France, Germany, Dubai & Australia.

Inspirational Speaker

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